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Space for Solitude

Fears, dreams and reflections. Thoughts beyond one's conscious control. These works are Proustian reconstructions of memory. A catalogue of anticipation, fear and desire. By simultaneously looking to my past, present, and projected future, these works realize such imaginary amalgams. Working in my studio has given me time for reflection. I retrace events from childhood to my life in Boston through the distorting lens of memory. Mundane aspects of existence merge with minute architectural details of a daily habitat and are monumentally amplified by fantastical psychic reconstructions. The iconography of these works is a synthesis of places I have experienced. In this way I project myself into these environments. Most of the imagery is taken from a small basement café in Cambridge, MA. This café and the life that happens there has been a lens though which I have understood the events of my own life and the lives of others. (Space for Solitude is a multimedia installation. All sculptures are semi-freestanding and hand carved directly in a plaster-hydrocal mixture with no casting or mold making involved.)